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Products / Process

Naturescape HD - "A longtail of aggregated & hybrid products"

In production-line sequence, raw Naturescape HD stock footage is fabricated, re-used & recycled into an evolving assortment of multi-purpose products:


Clips & sequences, generic & specialty, individual & packaged, in varying lengths & formats, are pre-produced for product creation, stored for future use, &/or custom-made & custom-compiled to custom-order.


HD single-frame images captured direct from footage & clips, and Hasselblad, Nikon & Canon high-resolution images, are distributed to world photo & image libraries for licensing, and enhanced for Naturescape photo-art production.
» View examples in our stills image gallery


In Lego style, stock clips & images become versatile multi-purpose building blocks for the creation of Naturescape HD atomic product:

  • Program segment & interstitial for broadcast television
  • Promotional video for trade show, information centre & point-of-adventure
  • Direct marketing clip for travel agent, tour operator, product & service provider
  • Digital sales kit for regional wholesaler
  • Attention-grabber for local retailer & point-of-sale display
  • Entertainment in hotel, resort & video cinema, and on living room plasma
  • Hi-definition images for print & brochure production, souvenirs, greeting cards & postcards
  • Hi-resolution imagery for panoramic poster, mural, décor & advertising
  • Naturescape DVD-postcards, Trails DVD-mudmaps, Blu-Ray DVD souvenirs for travellers & visitors


Atomic product is transformed into digital product to meet unprecedented and growing needs for new-generation e-content:

  • Information, education & entertainment programming
  • Web vision for video streaming, e-promotion & marketing
  • Clips, assets & elements for web production, video & image banks
  • Décor & street furniture, virtual wallpaper & digital signage
  • Auto-mobile entertainment; video cellphone, GPS & iPod
  • and the evolving revolution of new e-products still coming and yet to come

Naturescape HD creates a non-linear catalogue of raw, atomic, digital & hybrid content to feed the delivery channels & platforms of now and the future.