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Naturescape TEAM HD

For Phil Lomas cameras have been tickets to an enviable succession of worldly adventures: by his own admission he’s been “the innocent victim of a very fortunate life”.

Phil has trekked to the Arctic tundra, the Namib desert, Sumatran rainforests; had close encounters with polar bear, cobra & orangutan; been commissioned by BBC Natural History, National Geographic, Marco Polo & China Star; lived wild fantasy for nine months aboard schooner ‘Tiki’ sailing the Great Barrier Reef.

As a producer/ director, his very first wildlife series in 1981 received a Logie Award, Australia’s most prestigious. Since then he’s been awarded seventeen others, mostly Australian Cinematographer Society awards, plus a Montana Wildlife Festival screening award  for ‘Of Dogs & Gods’.

But his greatest reward was the prize assignment to shoot the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the IOC. It transcended his childhood dream to go to the Olympics by placing him literally centre arena in the midst of an audience of 5 billion. It inspired a new 21st Century dream to chase his own, not those of others. It was motivator & catalyst that blazed the trail to Naturescape HD.

Year 2000 was a major turning point when Procam Australia brought its first high-definition camera into Australia.

The light & shade of Lamington National Park challenged the Sony Cine Alta HD 900. It passed the test with flying colours and splendid video-realism of its waterfalls, rainforests and the creatures that called them home. And from the ecstasy a Naturescape-Procam partnership was forged.

HD quality astounded all, prompting Procam’s HD inventory to grow quickly, new production partnerships to develop, and more HD product to be spawned. From renowned marine cinematographer David Hannan, the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo, PNG, and stunning images of Antarctica. Australian projects in the Simpson Desert, the Kimberley, Great Southern Ocean, David Parer’s Parrots of Australia.

Overseas missions to the Amazon, Africa, China & Greece Olympics: post-production commissions from Discovery & National Geographic, ZDF Germany & China Star.

In 2000 Procam HDQ became the pioneer of high definition in Australia: one of the first in the world to identify and grasp HD’s potential as the futureproof format, the one that would endure the relentless advances of technology, the one that six years later would be adopted as the new international format.

In 2001, Naturescape’s “Lamington” became the very first Australia video clip to be fully produced in high-definition: its quality still as sustained and superb as if shot today, evidence that it indeed lives up to its nickname & reputation as the format of the future.   

In 2008 reflection, those moments from seven years ago symbolise the first of many firsts, formed the nucleus of Naturescape HD’s stock footage collection (visit Naturescape HD's NatureFootage stock footage profile), and laid the foundations for a whole new generation of high definition products to come.